POSTED ON February 11, 2022

3M Copper Vinly Wrapped Tesla Model S Plaid, XPEL Prime XR Plus And More

3M Copper Vinly Wrapped Tesla Model S Plaid, XPEL Prime XR Plus And More

This brand new Tesla Model S Plaid is standing out from the crowd with a full 3M Matte Copper Metallic Wrap, 360° XPEL Prime XR Plus Window Coverage, STEK DYNOflex windshield protection, all topped off with Gyeon Q2 Matte ceramic coating

It seems that Model S Plaid owners didn’t want to waste their time protecting their investment and making their cars even more appealing. In turn, our Los Angeles facility is seeing these on a weekly basis. The owner of this black Model S went with a bevy of Bulletproof Automotive Spa services in order to make his Plaid stand out from the crowd, giving his hard-earned electric beast much-needed protection and improved visuals.

To jump ahead of the curve in regards to the exterior finish, the owner of this Model S Plaid went with a color-changing vinyl wrap. The 3M Matte Copper Metallic wrap is one of the sickest selections we’ve seen thus far, giving the aggressive and curvaceous lines of the Model S a great look. Our wrapping team made sure that every possible nook & cranny of this EV got a perfect application of this 3M wrap, adding near-OEM perfection for the seams, curves, and other parts of this vehicle. Furthermore, to protect the 3M wrap, we’ve also applied a Gyeon Q2 Matte ceramic coating. This ensures the wrap is well protected against the elements and that its lifespan is lengthened significantly.

In addition to the work detailed above, our team applied the 360-degree XPEL Prime XR Plus window coverage, tinting the side windows perfectly, followed by the STEK DYNOflex windshield protection, resulting in glass surfaces that repel heat, look amazing and tie the entire look of this vehicle together.

Copper Vinly Wrapped Tesla Model S Plaid

You can get a detailed look at this Matte Copper Metallic Tesla Model S Plaid build right below. You can take a look at the work done to this Aventurine Green Metallic Porsche 911 Turbo S in the media gallery right below. In addition, if you are in need of premier detailing services for your supercar in the LA area, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our highly experienced team will guide you through the entire process and help you choose the utmost fitting services for your Tesla in and out.

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