POSTED ON November 3, 2022

Darth Vader’s Tesla Model Y: XPEL Stealth PPF & Ceramic Coating

Darth Vader’s Tesla Model Y: XPEL Stealth PPF & Ceramic Coating

Channeling their inner Sith Lord, the owner of this 2021 Tesla Model Y went with a full vehicle XPEL Stealth PPF, red accents and premium ceramic coat protection, making this Model Y look great

With this 2021 Tesla Model Y, we are continuing with the household Tesla theme of black with red accents. This Model Y joins the already completed Model 3 and Model X we had the pleasure of working on a while back. While a completely blacked-out look may not be everyone’s preferred choice, for many owners, the simplification resulting in a truly gorgeous look is what they like. And we always tend to the requests from our customers.

The blacked-out Model Y comes with a full vehicle custom bulk XPEL Stealth PPF (Paint Protection Film), followed by the 360° XPEL Prime XR Plus window coverage, STEK DYNOflex windshield protection, XPEL medium Slate Smoke headlight, and fog light protection film, and finally, fully protected against the elements thanks to a complete vehicle Gyeon Q2 Matte ceramic coating. Who knew having both protection and style could look so good?

Darth Vader's Tesla Model Y: Wrapped In Satin Black & Detailed

If you are interested in our customization services, including XPEL Stealth PPF (Paint Protection Film), Ceramic Coating, or windshield protection services, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. Our sales team will provide you with a detailed quote for the services required right away. Adding a custom touch to your Model Y has never been easier, that’s for sure. Grab a look at this Darth Vader Tesla Model Y in the media gallery below.

Stealth Black Tesla Model Y - Image Gallery

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