POSTED ON June 20, 2023

Lucid Air Grand Touring “Stealth” Concept – Paint Correction, Vinyl Wrap and Ceramic Coating

Lucid Air Grand Touring “Stealth” Concept – Paint Correction, Vinyl Wrap and Ceramic Coating

Working together with our customer, we have managed to achieve a perfect-looking, blacked-out “Stealth” look for his beautiful Lucid Air Grand Touring

The Lucid Air has been getting a lot of buzz in the recent few months. With sales going up, we’ve slowly started to see more and more of these on the roads over here in California, but also, worldwide. It is no wonder that some Lucid Air owners are deciding to give their vehicles a more custom touch. And in the case of this Lucir Air owner, a complete “Stealth” concept, turns this Air into a blacked-out beauty all around.

The Lucid Air Grand Touring comes with 819 horsepower and up to 469 miles of range, utilizing a dual-motor setup, ensuring impressive speed and performance. It can accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 3.0 seconds, pretty nifty for a large, heavy, and luxury EV like this one. Overall, the Lucid Air redefines the shape, proportion, and dimension of a luxury sedan – while imbuing thoughtful craftsmanship into every detail. In turn, all of this makes the Air quite an impressive vehicle. For some, a perfect competitor for the Tesla Model S, and the awards received for the Pure make Lucid one of the most coveted automotive items today.

Lucid Air Grand Touring "Stealth" Concept - Paint Correction, Vinyl Wrap and Ceramic Coating

As mentioned earlier, this Lucid Air Grand Touring came to us for a complete makeover, turning it into a beautiful stealth masterpiece. Our team did a complete full-vehicle multi-stage paint correction first, giving its OEM paint finish a complete detailing and makeover. This was followed by a satin black vinyl wrap for the black roof, pillars, and accent trims, ensuring a blacked-out look throughout.

Furthermore, the paint finish and the wrap are now fully protected thanks to a full vehicle bulk custom-cut XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF (Paint Protection Film). Finally, our work was completed with a full vehicle Gyeon Q2 Infinite Base Type 1 certified professional ceramic coating, giving this Lucid Air Grand Touring that perfect finishing touch.

Our team will gladly provide you with a free estimate for a premium color-changing vinyl wrap for your Lucid Air, turning your EV into a marvelous customized beauty. We are located in Los Angeles, California, and our fully-secure facility & staff can handle any detailing & protection task for our customers. You can take a look at the finished gallery of this build in the media gallery right below.

Lucid Air - Media Gallery

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