POSTED ON July 3, 2022

Marble Tesla Model 3 – Unplugged Performance Ascension Aero Kit & UP-04 Wheels

Marble Tesla Model 3 – Unplugged Performance Ascension Aero Kit & UP-04 Wheels

The Marble wrap and the visual modifications, create a unique looking Tesla Model 3 that will turn heads anywhere it goes

This Model 3 features a rather unique look, thanks to a gorgeous exterior wrap and some high-end aftermarket parts. And as you will notice right away, the Marble print wrap dominates the exterior, creating a striking exterior look, together with Gold finished wheels. Sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s damn impressive from every angle and it will grab the attention of anyone coming close to it. Besides the full Marble print on the outside, we brought some of the design into the car for a subtle accent as well. The marble print is featured on the door trims, dashboard, and center console. In addition, the inside’s staying fresh with 360-degree coverage in XPEL Prime XR Plus premium ceramic window tint.

The exterior saw some protection love as well. This Model 3 is treated with Gyeon Q2 Matte ceramic coating, added on top of the wrap and ensuring the pristine wrap stays just that for a long time to come. In addition to the wrap & ceramic coating, this Model 3 also rocks a bevvy of Unplugged Performance parts. And when this company comes into question, you’re sure top of the line parts will be seen. The vehicle rocks a complete Unplugged Performance Ascension upgrade kit, consisting of the Ascension front fascia system, sideskirts, the rear bumper and diffuser, finished by the Unplugged Ascension-R Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Rear Wing by Voltex.

Marble Tesla Model 3 - Unplugged Performance Ascension Aero Kit & UP-04 Wheels

To complete the look, a set of UP-04 lightweight monoblock forged wheels was added, finished in a gorgeous Bespoke Gold, adding a perfect exclamation point for this build. Oh! We also added a set of custom emblems to this car, ensuring the owner is representing both Tesla and Unplugged well.

The end result of this work can be seen in the media gallery right below. If you are interested in our a complete concourse detailing service for your Tesla Model 3, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our sales team will provide you with a detailed quote for the services required right away.

Tesla Model 3 - Marble Print Wrap & Tuning Media Gallery

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