POSTED ON November 23, 2022

Solid Black Tesla Model Y – Premium Detailing, XPEL PPF, Window Tint, Mods

Solid Black Tesla Model Y – Premium Detailing, XPEL PPF, Window Tint, Mods

Our Solid Black Tesla Model Y customer came in for a premium detailing, XPEL PPF (Paint Protection Film), premium window tint and several modifications, including wheels and lowering, making his vehicle stand out nicely

For this Solid Black Tesla Model Y, the owner wanted to keep things clean & protected, albeit by adding a custom touch. We’ve dug deep into our bag of services, giving it a pristine & well-protected exterior look, making it stand out from other Model Ys the owner will encounter on the roads today. It’s also equipped with several Unplugged Performance premium Tesla upgrades, giving it an even more refined look.

First, we gave the vehicle complete multi-stage paint correction & detailing, ensuring all the paint issues are resolved and the vehicle looks even better than when it came out of the factory. Special attention is given to each body panel, completing a flawless look and getting the vehicle ready for an additional layer of protection, ensuring the paint is kept in great shape for a long time. After the premium detailing was done, we proceeded in applying the XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF (Paint Protection Film).

Solid Black Tesla Model Y - Premium Detailing, XPEL PPF, Window Tint, Mods

The XPEL PPF is one of the best solutions available for customers in South California. It provides a great level of protection whilst keeping the paint finish clearly visible. Furthermore, the PPF – when applied meticulously as we do – is invisible to the naked eye, ensuring the protection doesn’t obstruct the view of the paint. Something our customers with high-priced custom paint jobs are happy to have.

The customer got a complete vehicle XPEL Prime XR Plus Premium Ceramic Window Tint. In turn, the customer now has more privacy & protection from prying eyes, a feature that will definitely help with security in dark parking lots and may keep some of the potential thieves away from breaking your windows. In addition, the car looks great with the window tint, creating a gorgeous blacked-out look.

Solid Black Tesla Model Y - Premium Detailing, XPEL PPF, Window Tint, Mods

Finally, the customer went with a set of custom-made Unplugged Performance UP-02 forged wheels in a Satin Black finish. Furthermore, the wheels are protected thanks to a Gyeon Q2 Matte full-wheel ceramic coating, ensuring the wheels can be cleaned with ease. In addition to the wheels, the customer added a set of Unplugged Performance mild lowering springs, improving the stance of this vehicle.

Finally, we did a complete Satin Black emblem blackout, completing the look for this Model Y perfectly.

Solid Black Tesla Model Y - Unplugged Performance UP-02 forged wheels in Satin Black

You can take a look at the finished result in the media gallery right below. If you are in Los Angeles and want to protect your investment with some of our services or modify your car with wheels, lowering, or similar items, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our team will gladly help you get the result you want for your vehicle.

Tesla Model Y - Premium Detailing, XPEL PPF, Window Tint, Mods - Image Gallery

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