POSTED ON August 17, 2023

Stealth Black Porsche Taycan – XPEL PPF, Window Tint and Ceramic Coating

Stealth Black Porsche Taycan – XPEL PPF, Window Tint and Ceramic Coating

The all-electric Porsche Taycan is the first fully electric vehicle from the German carmaker. It continues the lineage of gorgeous looking sports cars, impressive handling and great performance. Powered by two electric motors (one in the front and one in the rear), the sportscar unleashes its collective torque of 12,000 Nm on all four wheels at once, resulting in a 0-62mph (0-96km/h) time of just 2.6 seconds, offering some amazing driving dynamics.

The Taycan’s electric motors boast a special hairpin winding structure in which the solenoid coils of the stator consist of rectangular rather than round wires. These wires are bent into an elegant shape, thus their name – “hairpins”. Moreover, laser beam welding is used to bring together their open ends. Although the manufacturing process is complex, it allows for greater packing density of copper relative to conventional winding processes with a copper filling factor of 45-percent as compared to almost 70-percent. This not only increases power output and torque but also contributes to superior cooling efficiency – a major advantage for a high-performance car like the Taycan.

Stealth Black Porsche Taycan XPEL PPF Window Tint and Ceramic Coating15

On the front axle, the power of the electric motor is transmitted to the front wheels via a coaxial, compact one-speed planetary gear with an overall ratio of approx. 8:1 to an integrated spur-gear lightweight differential.

In the two-speed transmission, three shafts are used. In addition to the two spur gear stages, which technically represent the ratio of the second gear, a shiftable planetary gear set is also used, enabling a corresponding reduction for the very short first gear. A wheel revolution takes 15 revolutions of the motor, resulting in a very high torque of almost 12,000 Nm, which allows breathtaking acceleration from a standing position.

Launch Control is also available in Sport or Sport Plus driving modes. The transmission stays in first gear for an extended period, then shifts into second gear with a shift overboost. Truly a remarkable electric vehicle, from the design to performance. The Porsche Taycan checks all the boxes, ensuring Porsche’s lineage is intact even in the all-new electric era as well.

Stealth Black Porsche Taycan XPEL PPF Window Tint and Ceramic Coating18

For this Porsche Taycan, our team was tasked with a simple, yet impacting task: turn it into a stealth looking machine, with it’s exterior well protected against the elements for years to come. The first item was the addition of the XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film (PPF), turning the Jet Black exterior finish of this vehicle into a gorgeous satin look, perfect for this electric sports car.

This was followed by a full vehicle Gyeon Q2 matte EVO ceramic coating, protecting the stealth PPF, and giving the vehicle a protective coat for years to come. And finally, the customer decided for a little bit more privacy and heat protection against the hot California sun. In turn, our team applied the XPEL XR Plus cpremium ceramic window tint.

The end result of the work on this Jet Black Porsche Taycan can be seen in the media gallery right below. If you are interested in our detailing & paint protection services for your Porsche Taycan car, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our sales team will provide you with a detailed quote for the services required right away.


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